Free Sharing Thriamdigitomation Updated Cisco 300-715 VCE and PDF Exam Practice Materials

Free Sharing Thriamdigitomation Updated Cisco 300-715 VCE and PDF Exam Practice Materials

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Question 1:

Which interface-level command is needed to turn on 802 1X authentication?

A. Dot1x pae authenticator

B. dot1x system-auth-control

C. authentication host-mode single-host

D. aaa server radius dynamic-author

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Which two features must be used on Cisco ISE to enable the TACACS feature? (Choose two)

A. Device Administration License

B. Server Sequence

C. Command Sets

D. Device Admin Service

E. External TACACS Servers

Correct Answer: AD

Question 3:

Which port does Cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a Windows laptop?

A. TCP 8909

B. TCP 8905

C. CUDP 1812

D. TCP 443

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

Which permission is common to the Active Directory Join and Leave operations?

A. Create a Cisco ISE machine account in the domain if the machine account does not already exist

B. Remove the Cisco ISE machine account from the domain.

C. Set attributes on the Cisco ISE machine account

D. Search Active Directory to see if a Cisco ISE machine account already ex.sts.

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

What are two benefits of TACACS versus RADIUS for device administration? (Choose two )

A. TACACS supports 802.1X, and RADIUS supports MAB

B. TACACS uses UDP, and RADIUS uses TCP

C. TACACS has command authorization, and RADIUS does not.

D. TACACS provides the service type, and RADIUS does not

E. TACACS encrypts the whole payload, and RADIUS encrypts only the password.

Correct Answer: CE

Question 6:

Which use case validates a change of authorization?

A. An authenticated, wired EAP-capable endpoint is discovered

B. An endpoint profiling policy is changed for authorization policy.

C. An endpoint that is disconnected from the network is discovered

D. Endpoints are created through device registration for the guests

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which term refers to an endpoint agent that tries to join an 802 1X-enabled network?

A. EAP server

B. supplicant

C. client

D. authenticator

Correct Answer: B

Question 8:

Which personas can a Cisco ISE node assume\’?

A. policy service, gatekeeping, and monitoring

B. administration, policy service, and monitoring

C. administration, policy service, gatekeeping

D. administration, monitoring, and gatekeeping

Correct Answer: B

The persona or personas of a node determine the services provided by a node. An ISE node can assume any or all of the following personas: Administration, Policy Service, and Monitoring. The menu options that are available through the administrative user interface are dependent on the role and personas that an ISE node assumes. See Cisco ISE Nodes and Available Menu Options for more information.

Question 9:

Which default endpoint identity group does an endpoint that does not match any profile in Cisco ISE become a member of?

A. Endpoint

B. unknown

C. blacklist

D. white list

E. profiled

Correct Answer: B

If you do not have a matching profiling policy, you can assign an unknown profiling policy. The endpoint is therefore profiled as Unknown. The endpoint that does not match any profile is grouped within the Unknown identity group. The endpoint profiled to the Unknown profile requires that you create a profile with an attribute or a set of attributes collected for that endpoint.

Question 10:

A network administrator has just added a front desk receptionist account to the Cisco ISE Guest Service sponsor group. Using the Cisco ISE Guest Sponsor Portal, which guest services can the receptionist provide?

A. Keep track of guest user activities

B. Configure authorization settings for guest users

C. Create and manage guest user accounts

D. Authenticate guest users to Cisco ISE

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

Which two methods should a sponsor select to create bulk guest accounts from the sponsor portal? (Choose two )

A. Random

B. Monthly

C. Daily

D. Imported

E. Known

Correct Answer: AD

Question 12:

During BYOD flow, from where does a Microsoft Windows PC download the Network Setup Assistant?

A. Cisco App Store

B. Microsoft App Store

C. Cisco ISE directly

D. Native OTA functionality

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

In which two ways can users and endpoints be classified for TrustSec?

(Choose Two.)



C. dynamic

D. QoS


Correct Answer: AE

Question 14:

Which two ports do network devices typically use for CoA? (Choose two )

A. 443

B. 19005

C. 8080

D. 3799

E. 1700

Correct Answer: DE

Question 15:

What sends the redirect ACL that is configured in the authorization profile back to the Cisco WLC?

A. Cisco-av-pair

B. Class attribute

C. Event

D. State attribute

Correct Answer: A

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